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Our goal is for every YouthForcer to walk out of our door interview ready! We equip them with professional headshots, LinkedIn accounts, cover letters and resumes. High School students and young adults will fill out an intake form and undergo an interview to help better understand their wants and needs.



Middle School

Designed to support youth aged 11-13, this program consists of four key programs that build a strong foundation for success.

BGCA Ad Campaign at the Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows- William N. Pennington Youth


Early High School

As our youth move from Middle to High school, the work continues, preparing them to be job-ready by providing hands-on career experience.

Girls and YDP gather around computer in computer lab (1).jpg


Late High School and beyond

For youth who are of working age, we provide opportunities via programs designed to launch youth into young adulthood and their careers.

YouthForce Job Fair

YouthForce Job Fair

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